Building you Data Governance Toolbox

Approaching data governance from your existing organizational structures and processes.

New Post: Building you Data Governance Toolbox

This post describes an approach to data governance that I’ve found a bit more manageable than trying to untangle the tightly interconnected ideas that make up most data governance frameworks.

The quick-read version:

  • Data Governance is the process of deciding who’s accountable for each of the activities that enable your organization to derive value from data.

  • Most individuals will only recognize the subset of these activities that impact their daily work.

  • To identify all of them, consider six categories defined by two axes: Strategic/Tactical/Operational and Defensive/Offensive.

  • Once you’ve identified all the required activities, you can apply or extend your organization’s existing governance processes before looking to data governance frameworks for whatever remains.

For Further Consideration

  • What activities in each of the six categories does your organization rely on?

  • Is someone formally accountable for each of them? If not, which are missing?

  • What existing organizational structures facilitate these activities? Which ones could be adjusted or extended to fill in the gaps?

Further Reading

Up Next

Upcoming blog posts will include:

  • A series of case studies exploring design decisions for examples of each of the use case categories.

  • A series of posts about how thinking of all your organization’s software as a single platform can enable all users to more effectively leverage data.

  • More posts about the nuts and bolts of designing an integrated data platform.